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Upholstery Filth and Preventative Measures

Having a damaged piece of upholstered furniture is flat-out ugly. When you work hard to maintain your home, there’s nothing more frustrating than getting things torn up and dirty. While our team does offer upholstery cleaning, it can be a serious pain to deal with if you’re busy, and let’s face it, all of us are.

Today in this article, our team will dive into common culprits for upholstery stains and filth, as well as how you may go about preventing them. Let’s dive into it and break things down.

Culprit No. 1: Pets.

We cannot emphasize this enough, but train your pets to stay away from upholstered furniture. While we also love cats and dogs, they tend to make a mess and may even cause physical damage. Whether this is through tracking outside contaminants onto your outside furniture or simply taking a leak without permission.

We unfortunately cannot expect pets to offer the same level of caution as humans, even when well-trained. However, we are here to help clean your upholstered furniture if this goes against your standard practices.

Culprit No. 2: Wine and Coffee.

While this may seem obvious, it’s generally a best practice to keep dark liquids (i.e., wine and coffee) away from upholstered furniture. If you insist on having your morning coffee on the couch, make sure you keep it on the coffee table. In the case that a spill does occur on your upholstered furniture, blot the stain and call a professional upholstery cleaner (such as our team if you’re within the Woodbridge / DMV area) to remediate the issue.

Culprit No. 3: Children.

While we don’t think you shouldn’t allow your children to sit on upholstered furniture, we do think you should set tight rules surrounding what is permitted on the furniture. Explain to your children that your upholstered furniture is valuable and expensive, and most importantly should be treated with care. This not only will help to teach your child respect but offers an opportunity for them to take ownership of the items in your home.

While there are many culprits when it comes to upholstery cleaning, we truly see these as the most pressing and important. If you find your upholstered furniture commonly getting dirty, give these preventative measures a try and also check out our Keep It Clean (KIC) program that allows you to receive a 15% discount on every cleaning. If you’re in the Woodbridge, Virginia area, contact us today at +1 (703) 349-4791 or head to for easy online booking.

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