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The Code Green cleaner that our team strictly uses to clean carpets for clients
EPA Approved Carpet Cleaning Solution

Photograph of Henry, the founder and owner-operator of Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners, preparing to mix and spray our Code Green Cleaning Solution in Manassas, Virginia.

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we prioritize neighborhood safety by using Code Green Cleaning Solution.

EPA Approved Carpet Cleaning Solution

Meets U.S. EPA Safer Product Standards.

Our cleaning solutions are friendly to the beautiful Virginia environment, as well as your children and pets. Don't be fooled nonetheless - our cleaning solutions destroy tough stains and work even better than many leading cleaners with harsh chemicals.


No chemical odor.

Code green doesn't leave weird chemical odors behind or irritate your lungs - we come in to clean your carpets to a neutral scent. We prioritize your health above all else, which is exactly why we pay more to use Code Green.


Neutral pH, gentle, and safe for children.

With the health of our neighbors and even our own team in mind, we refuse to use dangerous chemicals. Our mission in this business is to provide relief to busy Northern Virginians and leave their home a better place with the health of their family being our number one priority.


Extremely effective.

Code Green is extremely effective and will destroy every stain on your carpet with ease. On every job, you get to work with the owner of our company, Henry.

Henry's 18+ years of experience and commitment to representing the excellence of our brand work together to guarantee your carpet cleaning is a home run every time with our team. When you work with us, we clean to build lifetime relationships and improve your standard of living.

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