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The Pet Odor Removal Process: How and Why

So, your pet urinated (or maybe even took a number two, unfortunately) on your carpet again. Unfortunately it sounds funny when it happens to other people, but it isn’t funny when it happens to you.

Luckily the Neighborhood Carpet Cleaning team is composed of dog owners and lovers, (we are from Virginia, after all) and we won’t laugh, we’re here to help! Whether you have a cat, dog, or even a pet giraffe, we can attack those tough urine stains for you.

This article will break down and detail our three step process for defeating harsh pet (urination and doody) odors.

Step No. 1: Vacuuming.

To kick (or as we like to say “KIC” for our Keep It Clean Program) off the process, our team will vacuum to clean the surface of the carpets and remove any surface debris. Although your carpets will still smell amidst this stage, don’t worry! This part of the process is essential, as we really want to ensure we remove the surface contaminants before we dig deep.

Step No. 2: Bacteria Elimination and Solution Application.

Our team will then apply a bacteria eliminating solution and scrub it in with a Counter Rotating Brush (CRB).

The CRB combined with our specialized technique works to ensure that the cleaner works its way into your carpets properly. This not only prepares your carpets to be flushed, but this specialized solution continues to attack harsh pet odors through the end of the drying process, leaving you with a fresh smelling carpet.

Step No. 3: Flushing.

We then flush the carpets out like we do on every cleaning. You may ask, “Henry, but how is this cleaning process any different?” - great question.

The reason our pet odor removal flushing process is different than our typical flushing process is due to the interjection of an additional solution that eliminates harsh odors and smelly bacteria. With the interjection of this solution in addition to our pet and child safe cleaner, Code Green, our team is able to restore the entire carpet while also launching an additional attack on those tough odors.

If you have a cute little friend that can’t hold it in, do not worry! We’re located in the Woodbridge, VA area and our owner, Henry, just got a puppy himself. As you can imagine, we have plenty of ongoing practice and are more than glad to service your carpets.

Contact us today at +1 (703) 349-4791 or head to for easy online booking (link on home page).

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