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Tips for DIY Stain Removal

While keeping your carpet clean yearly is essential (especially if you love your carpet, like every Virginian should in our state for lovers), one time stains don’t always constitute an entire carpet cleaning. With the increasing cost of groceries, gas, and common necessities, it’s understandable that you may be on a budget. We completely understand, and we care about the functionality of your life outside of our relationship as your carpet cleaner too!

That’s exactly why our expert team assembled three quick tips for you to keep in mind while doing your own DIY stain removal for small mishaps - here they are!

Tip No. 1: Only use specialized carpet cleaning solutions.

One very common mistake that we tend to see on carpet cleaning calls is clients using harsh chemicals to DIY remove stains. These harsh chemicals tend to have bleach or other agents that can permanently discolor your carpet, and may not even properly attack the stain. Unfortunately, this may require carpet dyeing from our team to remediate the issue and restore your carpets.

Tip No. 2: Use child and pet safe cleaning solutions.

Similarly to our carpet cleaning service, we highly recommend you use child and pet safe cleaning solutions. Even if you don’t have children or pets, these solutions will naturally be healthier and safer for you personally, both in the short term and long term. Long term effects of some harmful chemicals may include cancer, while short term effects may be throat irritation, eye irritation, or respiratory irritation. For this reason, our team highly recommends that you’re cautious with what chemicals you decide to put in your carpets.

Tip No. 3: Vacuum first, then blot the spot.

As we do ourselves when using professional carpet cleaning equipment, always vacuum the carpet before you start cleaning. This pre-vacuum step is essential as it removes any surface particles and contaminants, and will make the stain removal process significantly easier. You should also blot the spot with a microfiber towel rather than aggressively wiping it, which may spread the stain. We recommend putting your solution down, agitating it, and letting it sit for a few minutes before attempting to remove it with your towel (unless otherwise demonstrated by the instructions).

If you’ve found yourself in a sticky situation due to the misuse of a cleaner, or all of this just overwhelms you, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team! We’re proud to be a carpet cleaning resource for all Woodbridge and Haymarket residents, and will offer the dyeing or repair solution necessary to meet your needs.

Contact us today at +1 (703) 349-4791 or head to for easy online booking (link in bio).

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