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Stubborn Carpet Stains: How We Do Spot Treatment

When it comes to truly brutal dark spots and stains that are left in your carpet, unfortunately a standard cleaning usually won’t be enough to remediate the issue. When we face stubborn stains, we have a specialized three step process that we complete before and in preparation for our carpet flushing, which entails blasting your carpet with 200 degrees of hot water as apart of our standard carpet cleaning process.

If you’re wondering how our team treats spot stains, or even how to treat them yourself, this article will be a great quick read for you.

Step No. 1: Agitation and spraying.

We’ll start the day by spraying the individual spots with a specialized, stain removal solution. While the type of solution used will vary, it will strictly depend on the type of stain that’s currently on your carpet. We carry a range of carpet cleaning products and will select the right solution for the issue you’re currently facing.

Once we’ve sprayed the spot, we’ll lightly agitate the fibers to ensure the solution penetrates deep into the carpet.

Step No. 2: Spot Steaming.

Once the solution is deep in your carpet, our team will steam the spot individually. As the spot gets steamed, the stain will slowly change in color, and in turn, fade away. This is a slow and magical process, and it may sometimes take up to 20 minutes of steaming for the stain to fade away to a “clean-able” (i.e., safe to get flushed out by our standard cleaning technique) level.

Step No. 3: Repeat and flush.

Some stains penetrate deeper into your carpets and have stubborn compositions, in which case we’ll repeat this process until the stain is remediated and removed.

Once the stain is removed, we’ll go ahead and flush your carpets with 200 degrees of hot water to ensure that your entire carpet is spotless and the stains don’t come back.

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