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Should You Clean, Repair, or Replace Your Carpets?

A very common question we receive from busy Virginia professionals that spend large amounts of time commuting in and out of D.C. is, “Should I clean and repair, or replace my carpets altogether?”

In fact, we get asked this question so often that we decided it was time to provide some standardized guidance on the issue. This article will explore carpet cleaning, carpet repair, and carpet installation, as well as when these options may be appropriate or insufficient depending on the issues you’re facing. Rest assured as Woodbridge’s most trusted carpet cleaner will be bringing you key advice today.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning is essential as a yearly service. If your carpets are new, we highly recommend getting ahead of the bell curve and conducting a cleaning at your one year mark.

Aside from yearly cleanings, carpet cleaning is appropriate and sufficient when facing certain spills, stains, and issues. As long as the stains aren’t too intense, this option will work! Keep in mind that not all carpet cleaners created equal - we highly recommend going with an experienced carpet cleaning vendor.

Not to mention, our team has over 14+ years of experience and guarantees to come back if you aren’t satisfied.

Carpet Repair

If your carpet is showing signs of physical damage or discoloration due to bleach and/or age, carpet repair is a fantastic option. Carpet repair can range from carpet dyeing for discoloration to patch repair of frayed and cut up carpets.

While carpet patching is great, keep in mind that it may leave somewhat of a scar on the carpet. We highly recommend carpet dyeing when possible for discoloration to ensure a seamless finish, and carpet repair for physical damage.

Carpet Replacement and Installation

When carpets reach a point of no return, replacement and installation becomes a necessary remedy. While this may seem like a bummer, look at it as an opportunity to revamp the style of your home. Adding new carpets to your home not only adds style, but monetary value when you decide to sell your home.

Our team not only installs carpet, but we’ll remove your old carpets too!

While this article serves as a guide, we highly recommend consulting a professional carpet cleaner to determine the proper solution. If you’re looking for carpet cleaning, repair, or installation in the Woodbridge area, give us a call! We’ve offered all three services for over 14+ years and will gladly recommend you a solution.

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