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Pets and Keeping Carpets Clean

We all know it’s no secret whatsoever that pets make horrendous decisions when it comes to keeping things clean due to their lack of awareness or property ownership (but at least they’re cute). Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to truly hold pets to a standard of avoidance when it comes to creating a mess on your carpets. However, you shouldn’t give up on it altogether, and that’s why we’re here.

When it comes to protecting your expensive rugs and carpets, you must take preventative and proactive measures (when accidents do happen) to keep them clean. Aside from yearly carpet cleaning and calling us when an accident happens, here are three best practices to prevent those stains from happening.

Best Practice No. 1: Wipe those paws off.

When letting your dog(s) in and out of your backyard or taking them on a walk, be aware of the outside environment. If it’s wet outside or they walk through a messy area,  they’re going to get dirty.

We recommend not only keeping a floor mat by every door, but a towel to wipe those paws off before they create a trail on your carpets!

Best Practice No. 2: Take regular bathroom breaks and make litter boxes readily available.

If you aren’t taking your pet outside to do their business or providing them a litter box at all times (if you’re a cat person), no wonder they do their business on your carpets! Make sure you take care of this multiple times per day and are on top of things.

If your pet is untrained or just happens to have an accident one day, don’t worry! We offer pet odor removal and will gladly help all of our Woodbridge neighbors!

Best Practice No. 3: Monitor their diet.

Many people don’t realize this, but pets have health conditions and stomach issues, just like humans. Matter of fact, it’s commonly linked to their diet.

If your pet’s diet isn’t right, you run the risk of whatever they’re eating ultimately ending up in your carpets in the form of an accident. If your pet is having frequent accidents, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible to get your best friend healthy again.

If you live in the Woodbridge area (or as far south as Fredericksburg and as far north as Potomac, MD) and your pet recently had an accident, you’re in luck! Our carpet steam cleaning process entails hot water being flushed in and out of your carpets at approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit to kill all bacteria.

Not to mention, we even offer pet odor removal to get your home smelling normal again.

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