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Moisture and Carpets: The Issue

School is out and summer has arrived, which calls for some serious summer fun at the beach, the lake in Occoquan, and the local pools here in Woodbridge! While this is exciting, it also means things can get messy inside your home. Besides dirt, mud, and sand, you should be mindful of general moisture being tracked into your home.

The Issues and Risks

While moisture may seem minor, swimming pools, lakes, and bodies of water are hotbeds for bacteria. During the summer, when water is warm, bacteria thrive and may lead to illness (this includes chemically treated swimming pools as well). The last thing you want is dirty water in your carpets, especially because babies and pets may want a taste or simply touch it and then put their hands or paws in their mouths.

In addition to overall bacteria risks, mold and mildew love to form and develop in carpets. Mold may not only cause allergies for those with sensitivities, but it can also be toxic and deadly depending on the type of mold that forms. With many of our clients needing our services due to pet ownership and small children, their safety is the number one priority of the household.

The Solution

If your carpet already has dirty water or mold, you can always contact our team immediately for a carpet flushing. For more severe cases, a full carpet replacement and installation may be required, which our team also offers.

For those simply interested in the topic and looking to keep their carpets clean (another [KIC] reference LOL), simply keep your carpets dry! You can do this by having your wet children, pets, and guests stay off your carpets. We hope you enjoyed the read and understand that we’re more than glad to help anybody in the Woodbridge, VA area!

Contact us today at +1 (703) 349-4791 or visit for easy online booking (link on the homepage).

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