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Carpets and Pet Hair

If you have furry companions such as dogs and cats, it's likely you've noticed a bunch of lint on your carpets, linens, and clothing. While this is an unfortunate byproduct of having furry friends, it doesn't mean you can't love both your pet and carpet simultaneously. Yearly carpet cleanings are essential to prevent the long-term buildup of pet hair. Luckily, cleaning pet hair is a relatively simple task if you're willing to carve out a few minutes each week.

If you find that pet hair has been accumulating in your carpets recently, give these methods a try:

Method No. 1: Lint Rolling

Lint rollers work great for both carpets and clothing that are accumulating pet hair and foreign substances. These little rollers are convenient to use in small places and particularly helpful around the corners of the rooms that need cleaning. While there may be a limitation in the amount of surface area a roller can cover, they still work great.

We highly recommend keeping a few of these rollers on hand and working them into your weekly vacuuming routine.

Method No. 2: Carpet Raking

Another great way to accumulate and remove hair that’s built up in your carpet is by using a carpet rake. Not only do carpet rakes cover a larger surface area, but they have an unlimited life span (i.e., they’ll last forever as long as you don’t break them). Using a carpet rake before and after vacuuming your floor is a great way to eliminate the more stubborn pieces of pet hair trapped in your carpet.

Not to mention, the carpet rake allows you to avoid bending over (and saves your back!).

Method No. 3: Keep Them Away from Clean Spaces

The final (and by far the most effective) method is to simply keep your pets out of rooms that are particularly clean or important. While this may seem like an obvious solution, it's easy to forget to set boundaries with our pets, especially because we are so closely connected to them. When it comes to a special space that you prioritize keeping clean (e.g., your bedroom), simply limit your pet's time in the room or keep them out entirely.

Implementing these methods into your current carpet cleaning and maintenance strategy will go a long way to cut down on pet hair. With that being said, sometimes you may need extra assistance!

If you’re ready for your next professional cleaning or simply would like to discuss these methods, contact us today at +1 (703) 349-4791 or head to []( for easy online booking (link on the home page of the website).

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