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Love Thy Neighbor Program

It’s very clear that the cost of everyday necessities, such as gas and groceries, has increased sharply in recent years. In addition to these everyday necessities, many important materials and goods have increased in price. As a result, the cost of home services, including carpet cleaning, has sharply risen.

The Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners Team is passionate about the relationships we hold with our clients and the difference we can make in their lives, which is exactly why we created the Keep It Clean (KIC) program. We aim to continuously innovate new ways to give back to our loyal clients, so we’re very proud to announce the launch of a special program to our clients throughout the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) area. The “Love Thy Neighbor” program allows you to receive bundle discounts on carpet cleaning services when you get your neighbors to book us on the same day. Here’s how it works:

First, you gather a team of neighbors in need of our services.

Whether you or your neighbors need a carpet cleaning, carpet installation, carpet repair, or anything else, you’re eligible to book together and save.

PRO TIP: The more neighbors that book, the more you save. They’ll all get $20.00 off as well for participating.

Savings will vary based on the number of neighbors you get to book our services. We’ll give each neighbor you book with a $20.00 discount, but you’ll get a larger reward for your loyalty and willingness to orchestrate.

Second, call us and book.

It’s that easy! Shoot us a call and we’ll work out logistics with your group.

As a part of this call, we’ll quote the services for each individual neighbor and determine your referral reward.

The following terms apply:

⁃ For the referral discount to apply, all neighbors must receive services either a) on the same day or b) within an alternatively agreed upon time span.

⁃ All referred neighbors will receive a complimentary $20.00 discount automatically built into their quote.

⁃ Neighbors that make referrals will receive a calculated discount automatically built into their quote depending on the quantity and nature of the referral work.

Contact us today at +1 (703) 349-4791 to further discuss your needs or head to for easy online booking.

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