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Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance: Our Seamless Booking Process

It’s not uncommon that clients reach out to our founder and owner-operator, Henry, with the simple question, “where do we start?” If you’re wondering the same thing, that makes perfect sense! Whether you’re a first time buyer of home services or have never had your carpet cleaned, this article will walk you through exactly how you can schedule our team.

Step 1: Reach out.

You can reach out via our website or a few options, including:

  • Call or Text: You can book us directly by calling or texting +1 (703) 349-4791. Henry, our founder and owner-operator, will answer every time!

  • The “book now” button on our site: This button will take you to our CRM, where you can actually see our pricing and select a time for your service. Unfortunately we only offer online booking for carpet cleaning due to the variability of other services.

  • Forms on our website: The forms on our website act as a way to leave your information with our team. We’ll either call you or respond via email address. Feel free to put your preferences in the “how may we help you” box at the bottom of the form!

  • Email: You can send emails directly to our founder and owner, Henry, via our company email (

We offer a variety of contact options to ensure you feel safe with the level of information you give to our team. While we use a VPN client while accessing your personal data, we understand that minimizing the transmission of online data is the preference of many D.C. area residents.

Step 2: Consultation.

Once you’ve reached out, Henry will hold a quick conversation with you to gain a further understanding of the work you would like performed. During this stage, we highly recommend pointing out any particular pain points or inconveniences you may be experiencing from the issue.

For example, if you need a carpet cleaning and your dog has been urinating on your carpets, take this as an opportunity to mention this to Henry - he will ensure you are taken care of! Making our team aware of the specific issues with your carpets will only heighten the level of service you receive, as we will show up extra prepared to tackle the issue.

During this stage, we will also finalize a price and a time if necessary.

Step 3: Job completion and satisfaction.

The third and final step is Henry arriving onsite and working on your carpets! Whether you have a tough carpet cleaning booked, an installation, or even a carpet repair, we will put our all into ensuring that you join our 5,600+ other satisfied clients over the past 15+ years.

We’re so confident that we even offer a 48 hour guarantee on our carpet cleaning service. Call us within 48 hours if you aren’t happy with your carpet cleaning, and we’ll come back to fix it!

Are you tired of dealing with cleaners that show up late and cut corners? Stop letting sketchy characters into your home.

Contact us for your FREE estimate ⤵️

Call or Text: +1 (703) 349-4791

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