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Carpet Cleaning Add-ons and Everything You Need to Know

Hey Woodbridge! Thank you for checking in and reading yet another one of our carpet cleaning articles. While they may be a lot of effort, we do it to keep our information current to keep you informed. If you’ve stumbled across the article, or intentionally reached it, the odds are the title may have grabbed your attention.

In which case, you’re probably shopping for a carpet cleaning and wondering - what are all of these add-on services that I keep seeing? Don’t worry - we’ll clarify what these add-ons are and how they can aid you!

Let’s dive into it - here are the three main add-on services we offer:

Service No. 1: Pet Odor Removal

While getting your carpet cleaned alone most definitely helps with harsh odors, it may not quite eliminate the smell of pet waste alone. If your pet recently had an accident on your carpet and your nose is in pain, we fully understand and hope to help you out soon (as funny as that was, we’re serious).

Our Pet Odor Removal add-on service entails a special deep cleaning process from our team and the introduction of a special (and safe!) cleaning solution that will kill the different types of bacteria that come with animal waste.

Service No. 2: De-Tick (i.e., Tick Removal)

Another common add-on service that comes with furry friends and pets is De-Tick or Tick Removal. We highly recommend applying this service at least bi-annually if you have pets that may carry ticks. It’s also a great idea if you’re moving out or moving into a home with pets.

While ticks may seem minor, they are parasites and can carry disease that will ultimately lead to illnesses, such as Lyme Disease, which can carry flu-like symptoms and be difficult to endure.

Service No. 3: De-Flea (i.e., Flea Removal)

Last but not least, another very useful add-on service for people with pets is de-flea. Similarly to ticks, fleas may carry disease and come with unpleasant symptoms. One of the most common diseases transmitted by fleas is plague, which is an illness you definitely do not want.

If you have pets, or simply want peace of mind when moving into a new home, we highly recommend all 3 of these services. Aside from peace of mind that you won’t run into any critters carrying diseases, you’ll also be able to rest peacefully without any strong odors in your carpets (not to mention, our chemicals are neutral in smell and won’t leave any other new odors).

Are you planning to have your carpet cleaned and searching for a reputable vendor in the Woodbridge area? Look no further - we have you covered!

Contact us for your FREE estimate ⤵️

Call or Text: +1 (703) 349-4791

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