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Are Your Carpets Really Clean or Just Surface Level Clean?

When it comes to paying for carpet cleaning, there are many cheap and uninsured companies out there (especially in the Woodbridge and D.C. area due to the massive total addressable market size). Unfortunately, these cheap and uninsured options come with caveats - with one being major risks of damage to your home and property.

Aside from the risk of damage to your home and property, these cheap vendors work quick and cut corners. They don’t take their time and pay attention to small, important details, nor use top end equipment and cleaning solutions. As a result, your carpets will commonly appear semi clean, but quickly get dirty after your service (due to the lack of deep contaminant removal).

Observe your current carpet cleaner and ask yourself (and your cleaner) the following questions:

Question No. 1: What cleaning solutions are they using?

If your carpet cleaner is using solutions with a weird odor, beware. In the common case that you may have children and pets (and the dirty carpets that come with them, hahaha) you should be cautious of exposing them to unknown chemicals. Not to mention, many of these off brand cleaning solutions are ineffective.

When you contact Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners, we only use Code Green, an environmental friendly, pet and child safe, EPA approved carpet cleaning solution. Also - it’s a lot more effective than some of these strong solutions many companies use!

Question No. 2: Are they swiping your carpets or moving slowly with their tool?

If your current guy is swiping your carpets quickly and in an uncontrolled manner, you should think twice. In order to properly deep clean and flush out your carpets, your cleaner must move at a controlled pace.

This is a very common mistake that leaves people thinking their carpets are clean due to their appearance on the surface, when they’re really not clean at all. One common side effect of poor technique is your carpets getting dirty again really quickly, which usually means they weren’t comprehensively cleaned deep below the surface. We believe you deserve better than this, Woodbridge!

Question No. 3: How hot is the water they’re blasting out of your carpets?

If your carpets aren’t being flushed out with hot water, you’re simply missing the benefits of killing bacteria and removing those very deep contaminants that you called about in the first place. This is a very important to survey your current or inexpensive alternative option cleaner about before booking your next appointment.

Every carpet we clean is flushed out with hot water at a temperature of 200 degrees (and our highly effective EPA approved and child safe cleaner, Code Green).

If you’re in the Woodbridge area or nearby and looking for a dependable carpet cleaner that takes their time and does a good job, contact us today.

Call or Text: +1 (703) 349-4791

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