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Us vs. Them: Carpet Cleaning Solutions and Chemicals

When it comes to getting your carpets cleaned (and unfortunately even buying groceries nowadays) it’s no secret that there’s a risk of harmful chemical exposure due to the nature of carpet cleaning solutions and our industrialized world in 2024. While some cleaning solutions may work great on carpets, they can have potential health implications depending on the chemical ingredients they contain.

Here at Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners, we value the health of Woodbridge homeowners, their families, and our beautiful Northern Virginia environment, which is exactly why we refuse to use carpet cleaning solutions with harmful chemicals.

To further understand what the difference between the carpet cleaning solutions the “other guys” use vs. what we use, we’re going to explain the key differences.

Their Carpet Cleaning Solutions.

The two main pitfalls and causes for health risks that you’ll find with standard carpet cleaning solutions are 1) the chemical ingredient Butyl and 2) fragrances.

The chemical ingredient Butyl not only exposes you to the risk of experiencing nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and headache (i.e., standard illness symptoms), but it also has the potential to cause respiratory issues (i.e., coughing, wheezing, nasal irritation, throat irritation).

The other major environmental risk associated with using butyl is harm to soil and water in our environment through runoff, which may have implications that are more difficult to measure in the long term. We refuse to use Butyl, not only to keep your carpets clean, but keep our Woodbridge environment clean too.

Aside from Butyl, fragrances used in carpet cleaning solutions may smell good, but they also have the potential to cause respiratory irritation. If you have children, pets, elders, or people with asthma living in your home, it’s especially important to avoid fragrances and butyl when getting your carpets cleaned to minimize health risks.

Carpet cleaning has many health benefits due to the amount of allergens and bacteria stored in your carpets, but removing them properly (in addition keeping your carpets clean yearly) is essential.

Our Carpet Cleaning Solutions.

We strictly use Code Green, an EPA approved carpet cleaning solution. Code Green is not only EPA approved, it’s pet, child, and family safe - meaning it won’t do harm to your loved ones or the environment.

Code Green isn’t only Butyl free, it’s also chemical free. We’re glad to show you the exact ingredients too - just call and ask!

Above all else, our goal is to act as an independent resource providing our friends and neighbors (or customers as the “other guys” say) with an outstanding experience and the expertise needed to make informed decisions. The above statements are based on potential risks and are not final determinations or conclusions. If you’ve formerly been exposed to these chemicals, don’t freak out! However, we highly recommend avoiding them to minimize health risks to you, your family, and our environment.

Are you in the Woodbridge, Nokesville, or Northern Virginia area and looking for a reliable cleaner?

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