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Stain Removal or Replacement: What Your Carpet Needs

Both unfortunately and logically, one of the most common reasons for carpet cleaning is spills and tough stains. When people can’t remove these tough stains on their own, they call the pros! However, restoring carpets may require harsh measures in some situations, while others may be simpler to address.

The golden question is, “How do I know what my carpet needs?” It’s a great question! For that reason, we’ve put together a few questions to help you determine whether your carpet needs to be patched, replaced, or cleaned to resolve your issues.

Question No. 1: How large is the stain?

Depending on the size of the stain, cleaning and patching may become less feasible. If the stain is large enough, stain removal will become redundant as the discoloration from the spot will become more noticeable with increased size. Similarly, patching the carpet will become difficult due to the size of the patch required, which may have to come from your closets and also look imperfect upon completion.

Question No. 2: What color is the stain?

Dark-colored and red stains are typically some of the most difficult to remove with standard cleaning. We often see very stubborn wine and coffee stains that may require carpet replacement if left untreated long enough. However, the cause of the stain is also important to consider, which we’ll discuss next.

Question No. 3: What substance caused the stain?

While this may seem too obvious to ask, it is essential to include this information. Rather than stating the obvious—yes, your children’s magic markers should probably come out—we want you to consider the properties of the substance.

Most importantly, consider the viscosity. Very runny and thin liquids will more easily penetrate your carpets and stain them, which in turn may make them more difficult to remove.

No matter what your issue is, we highly recommend dealing with an experienced vendor. DIY stain removal rarely ends well and tends to be a time sink! Before you do permanent damage to your carpet, consult the pros.

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