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Spring Allergies and How to Keep Them Outside

The cherry blossoms have bloomed and Spring is coming to the D.C.-Virginia area! While the Spring is beautiful, it unfortunately comes with sneezing and respiratory issues for many due to the pollen.

One of the main struggles with going outside and coming back in after being exposed to pollen and allergens is tracking them into your home. Unfortunately your carpets, upholstered furniture, and linens tend to filter and store these allergens, which can lead to respiratory issues.

In this article, we’ll break down some tips to help you keep allergens outside and most importantly, your home clean.

Tip 1: Change external clothing in your garage or in a changing room prior to coming home.

If you’re outside running, working, or hiking, we highly recommend changing your external clothing before entering your home. While this may seem like overkill, linens and fabrics will hold pollen and allergens, and the last thing we want is to track them into your carpets and home.

Tip 2: Always remove your shoes.

While this may seem obvious, it can be a convenient thing for you or your guests to skip. Removing your shoes before entering your home is a great way to prevent outside contaminants from entering your home.

We highly recommend committing to this, although we do disclaim that you will track in some amount of pollen and allergens no matter what you do, simply by opening your doors.

Tip 3: Shower ASAP.

We highly recommend you shower immediately if possible to get allergens off your body when you arrive home. This will not only prevent allergens from being continuously tracked throughout your home, but also aid you in minimizing your immediate allergic symptoms.

Tip 4: Keep your carpets clean yearly.

Whether allergens and pollen make initial direct contact with your carpets or not, they’ll eventually end up in the air being circulated throughout your home, and consequently settling in your carpets.

Keeping your carpets clean yearly will go a long way in preventing issues with allergens and asthma - and we’re glad to help! We even offer a 15% discount for yearly clients, free of commitment.

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