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Potty Train Your Puppy and Protect Your Carpets

While we may be a carpet cleaning company, we happened to get a new puppy ourselves recently. In honor of our new furry friend, we wanted to discuss a very important topic: potty training your new friend! While it may not be fun, having a potty-trained dog is essential to keeping your carpets clean (as our KIC members know very well). Quite simply, because all of these tips and tricks will allow you to keep your carpets clean, we’re going to give you three quick tips to improve your training regimen.q

Tip No. 1: Walk frequently.

Take your puppy out frequently to provide the opportunity for an outdoor bathroom break. If this requires taking a 15-minute break from the Excel spreadsheet, it will be more than worth it! Not only do you get some fresh air, but your puppy gets to do their duty, and most importantly, not anywhere we wouldn’t want them to!

We recommend 2-3 walks a day if possible. Your pet will appreciate it, and it serves as a great way to bond!

Tip No. 2: Establish a cadence with your walking schedule.

Taking your puppy out at a familiar time will promote the development of a consistent bowel schedule that also fits your schedule (no pun intended). As humans, we also do this ourselves to settle our own business! Also, no pun intended there.

Nonetheless, getting your puppy used to going at the same time is an excellent way to build consistency and structure in your routine.

Tip No. 3: Walk a familiar route.

While walking frequently and establishing a cadence with your schedule are both very important, walking a familiar route may be even more important. Dogs are habitual animals and tend to do their business in the same spot. We really don’t want that to be your carpets!

All kidding aside, walk a familiar route, choose an appropriate spot (i.e., not your neighbor’s front lawn, because we all know that guy), and always bring an old grocery or newspaper bag to pick up after your pet.

We really hope these tips improve your ability to keep it clean (shoutout to our KIC members once again) and train your pet. However, we do understand that accidents will happen during training and most likely at some point down the road.

Contact us today at +1 (703) 349-4791 or head to for easy online booking (link in bio).

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