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Evaluating Your Carpet Cleaning

If you recently got your carpet cleaned or plan on it, you may think to yourself - carpet cleaning is simple, how could you even be good at it or provide a different level of service?

While this is a common question and wonder for clients, we encourage you to consider the following three aspects when evaluating your most recent cleaning and selecting your next carpet cleaning vendor.

Aspect 1: Was your technician timely and efficient?

While this may seem basic, unfortunately most home service providers tend to be late and inefficient at providing their services. If you need your carpets cleaned, the odds are that you’re already a busy person with kids, pets, or quite simply working to earn a living and pay for your space (to even afford a home with carpets).

We get that scheduling appointments and home service providers is a pain, so when we clean carpets, we clean them on time and get out of your hair quickly - without cutting a single corner.

Aspect 2: Were you satisfied with the cleanliness of your carpets?

Most importantly, when your technician left your home, did your carpets look and smell good? If you were left with a weird fragrance, the same odors, the same stains, and minimal improvement, we consider that unacceptable.

When working with our team, we provide a written guarantee that we’ll come back if you aren’t 110% satisfied. Not to mention, every job is conducted by our owner operator Henry, who truly puts his all into the business he has built over the past 14+ years.

Aspect 3: If you were satisfied, did any of the prevalent issues or stains come back?

While you may have been happy on the day of the job, did this happiness sustain itself or did the pressing issues return? If they did, you’re not alone.

While the need to keep your carpet clean yearly is essential due to dust, allergens, and bacteria, your carpet should hold some longevity after being cleaned. If you find yourself having issues with returning stains in the first week or two, we believe you deserve better.

We not only offer a 15% discount to clients who use us yearly, but we’ll offer a 10% discount to you today for your first cleaning. Allow us to reshape your carpet cleaning experience!

Contact our team for a free estimate today.

Call or Text: +1 (703) 349-4791

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