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DC, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) Carpet Installation Trends in 2024

With the ever-changing dynamics of home remodeling influenced by our unpredictable economy, rapidly evolving technological landscape, and cultural shifts, it can be challenging to stay updated on the latest trends! As carpet cleaners, we must continually do our due diligence to ensure we recommend carpet installation solutions that are in style. For this purpose, we’ve highlighted three aspects of carpeting in 2024 that have become super popular and look great.

Aspect No. 1: Neutral Color Tones

The current trend in carpeting, as far as color goes, is neutral tones. Many of our clients have recently selected gray, beige, and light brown colors for their new carpets. This trend aligns with many of the vinyl flooring options we’ve recently installed, where light brown and gray options have become super popular.

While the color of your carpets should be coordinated with the colors of your walls, we highly recommend considering this color range if it suits your style!

Aspect No. 2: Wall-to-Wall is Back

Although it hasn't been popular for a while, wall-to-wall carpeting has made a return in 2024! Yes, we know hardwood floors are still widely favored. However, this trend will become more common in the next 5-10 years as more people choose to install carpets.

Aside from the stylish elegance, wall-to-wall carpeting can add serious utility to your home. Remember, your carpets act as natural filters for all dust, dirt, and allergens that enter your home. This is why having carpets is very important, and keeping them clean yearly is even more crucial.

Aspect No. 3: Lean and Minimalist

The days of bulky rugs and carpeting are over! While we used to prefer fluffy and raised carpets, the new trend is lean and minimalist carpets that sit very low to the ground. While this style may show dirt quicker due to the lack of depth, it will most definitely hold less dirt as well! Thin carpeting is a beautiful and stylish option for any home or office.

Home remodeling and carpeting trends are rapidly evolving and changing. While it may be difficult to keep up with these trends, we highly recommend picking a style that holds timeless appeal and following the above guidelines for reference. If you’re ready to get your carpeting replaced or would simply like to discuss solutions (whether you’re local to the Prince William County, VA area or not), contact us today at +1 (703) 349-4791 or head to []( for easy online booking (link in bio).

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