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Carpet Steam Cleaning: Why We Do It

As you find yourself searching for carpet cleaning solutions to whatever issue you’re currently facing, you’ve probably stumbled across carpet steam cleaning. Whether you’re dealing with pet odors, spills, stains, or just need a yearly cleaning, we’re glad to offer you assistance and advice, regardless of the vendor you decide to hire to clean your carpets.

How it works.

Carpet steam cleaning involves blasting your carpets and/or rugs with hot water at a high pressure and flushing it out. In addition to the temperature and pressure of the water, you’ll also get treatment using Code Green, the child and pet safe carpet cleaning solution we use.

As the water is being blasted into the carpet and continues to flush it out, the contaminants are being vacuumed into our carpet cleaning filter.

The results and benefits.

Not only is the additional hot water and hot pressure tough on the appearance of stains, but it works to remove deep contaminants. For those with asthma and allergies, this is essential to keeping dust and allergens out of your carpets.

Not to mention, when you’re facing pet stains and odors, this process will completely decontaminate the area to kill bacteria and remove waste particles that may expose your pets and children to illness. Not to mention, the removal of these contaminants will significantly decrease the odors.

If you’re looking for a carpet cleaning company to assist you in Woodbridge, VA or the surrounding areas, we’re glad to help! We always use steam cleaning into our carpet cleaning process and will gladly perform a detailed consultation with you, free of cost to provide the proper solution to your carpet issues.

contact us for a free estimate!

We also go as far south as Fredericksburg, VA and as far north as Bethesda, MD.

Call or Text: +1 (703) 349-4791

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