Rug Cleaning by Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners

Area Rug Cleaning and Repair Service by Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners

Whether you have rugs of any materials including silk, wool, cotton, synthetic, natural fiber, oriental, Persian or antique, we can help you clean them all. At Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners, we use modern cleaning process, techniques and solutions to deliver you quality area rug cleaning service in Woodbridge & Stafford, Manassas, McLean, Fairfax, Alexandria, and all nearby areas.

Along with cleaning, we also repair area rugs resolving any issues including color restoration, rug weaving, fringe repair or water damage to rugs. Over the years of experience, we aim to focus on care and attention-to-detail that revive your rugs to their original beauty.

Do you want us to come over your location for rug inspection? No issues! We offer free pickup and delivery of your area rugs as part of our cleaning service. So, the next time whenever you are in need of a cleaner, safer and healthier home environment, get in touch with us.

Our Effective Rug Repair Services - Preserving Your Area Rug Beauty

• Hand-surging to bind edge warps
• Overcasting (or “whip stitching) exposed weft loops
• Patching
• Stitching of tears and cuts
• Edge reinforcement
• Rod looping
• Installing hanging loops for wall
• Placement
• Adding on new fringe / replacing fringe (Cotton, Mercerized Cotton, Wool, Silk)
• Re-knotting
• Rubber stripping
• Blocking
• Curling prevention
• Double wrapping
• Shearing
• Rug stretching

• Seaming
• Shearing
• Custom resizing
• Binding
• Machine-surging
• Cropping
• Custom border installation
• Re-backing
• Needle point reinforcement (Needle pointing)
• Hooking
• Flat weaving
• Patching
• Stripping (curling prevention)
• Latexing

Don’t wait until your area rug become dirty, call our expert cleaning and repairing crew in your area at 703-570-6319.