Safeguard Your Property With Our Probiotic Cleaning Service

Dust, dirt, stains, and debris are inevitable. These unwanted elements usually enter the property through foot traffic. Hence cleaning becomes significant. When it comes to cleaning we are surrounded by lots of chemical cleaning products and their residues all the time. These cleaners work at the beginning but no guarantee to provide long-term effectiveness. Moreover, chemical cleaners rely on non-sustainable raw materials that can release harmful chemicals into the air when used.

Hence it becomes very important to use a safe and right method for cleaning and making your home and office a secure place. Therefore, Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners have come up with a unique way of cleaning using probiotics products. The probiotic cleaning products we use are great at competing with the bad bacteria. This means they can help to eliminate harmful bacteria on carpets, upholstery, desks and other surfaces that could cause illness.

Make Your Property Secured With Our Probiotic Cleaning

Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners probiotic cleaning services provide deeper and long-lasting cleaning. Our cleaning method promotes positive bacteria, providing natural protection for your skin and your living environment. Our professionals will create an environment where pathogenic bacteria will not be able to survive as our probiotic cleaners are dominant.

As the cleaning solution is made using natural ingredients and positive microorganisms, the products are exceptionally gentle on skin and materials. Our probiotic cleaning solutions provide lots of benefits. Here, the positive bacteria get into the tiny pores on a surface where dirt hides, degrading the dirt and preventing re-soiling. This cleaning process is 100% safe and will make your home and office an allergen-free space.

Moreover, it is cost-effective. Over the medium to long-term, probiotic cleaning products are better valued for money. They are effective, long-lasting and only have to apply them often - this will save lots of time and labor costs too.

Benefits of Cleaning With Probiotics

● Bad Odor Elimination: No masking with perfume
● Effective and economical: low costs because of high dilution rates
● Particularly suitable for those with allergies
● Outstanding cleaning performance on all surfaces and materials
● Probiotic cleaning effect prevents dirt and odors from recurring

Ready to make the change?

Our Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners probiotic cleaning solution is ECO-Friendly and performance-driven, specially designed for the professional cleaning services in residential and commercial areas.

Get in touch with us today to know more or to make bookings for probiotic cleaning services. You can call us at 703-570-6319.

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1. We don’t use toxins (standard products)
a. Improving Indoor Air Quality with Probiotic

2. Polite, Friendly & Integrity

3. Local Company and Veteran Owned

4. Attention to detail Service

5. 5 STAR Rating

6. Lastly, 42% of business are REFERRALS!
a. High retention


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5.0 Star Rating 5 stars Rating

5.0 Star Rating

Excellent Carpet Cleaners Services. They cleaned my off white carpets and it looks brand new. I would highly recommend their services. Very professional and honest. Support our veterans that own and operate their own businesses.

  • on ; 2/12/2019
5 Star Rating

Henry rescued my hardwood floors. After a complete house repainting job, a kitchen reno, and the previous owners assassination attempt with wax, the floors were, by my standards, unsalvageable. A friend said "Call up my floor cleaning guy first. He saved my carpet and I know he does wood flooring cleaning too." The rest is history. Best money I've ever spent on professional cleaning.

  • on ; 8/24/2018

Can't believe how this stairs came OUT! HIRE NCC

5 Star Rating

Once again, thanks to Henry for a 5 star experience at my place in Manassas!
I wanted to have the carpet in my kitchen/living room combo cleaned and called Henry because of my previous positive experience.
This time I had a little issue with some carpet tape used to hold down a runner but Henry was able to come through and meet the challenge!

  • on ; 5/12/2018
5.0 Star Rating

Contacted Neighborhood Carpet Cleaning and talked with Henry. He was on time and did great work. Was very pleased of the work and price for our rental unit and having Henry back next week to clean the house we are moving into . I expressed what I was looking for carpet cleaning wise for the rental and Henry was not pushy in trying to up sell anything.

  • on ; 6/25/2017
5 Star Rating

I am so pleased with the service that I received. The professionalism and overall knowledge of floor care displayed by Henry was impressive and much appreciated. I booked an appointment online with ease and Henry and team showed up on time. They did a great job! Moving forward, I will definitely utilize the company for any floor care needs that I have.

  • on ; 10/25/2018
5 Star Rating

Henry is great! He cleaned the carpets in the condo we were renting upon move out. He accommodated my schedule and finished way faster than I would have expected. The carpets look amazing, even our tough landlord commented on how they look!

  • on ; 12/23/2017
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5.0 Star Rating

From start to finish, a great experience. Booking an appointment online was simple and the price schedule was easy to understand. Communication throughout was prompt, professional, and pleasant. The team was punctual and the quality of their work was outstanding.
Wish working with all vendors/contractors was this positive of an experience. Can’t say enough good things about them.

  • on ; a week ago
5 Star Rating

Excellent customer service, great attention to detail, great communication. I am very pleased with results of my cotton with silk blend rug. This carpet had multiple stains and was very difficult to clean. I hired another company prior to Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners and they were not able to get the stains out. Neighborhood Carpet cleaners used multiple cleaning solutions and techniques to get the stains out. This rug looks better than new after Henry and his team completed the cleaning process. Kudos and Huge thanks to Henry and Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners, they've delivered outstanding results and exceeded my expectations. Amazing work!

  • on ; a month ago
5 Star Rating

The service was terrific, and the end results were beautiful. Most importantly, Henry was very honest about what he felt he would and would not be able to accomplish. In the end, he was able to do more than he initially promised, but I was able to trust him because of this honesty.

  • on ; 5 months ago
5.0 Star Rating

Because of kids and dogs, my sofas and mattresses used to get very dirty. I just called up Heney and team for sofa cleaning and they did a fantastic job. My mattresses look like I just brought them home from the store. Thank you Henery for your amazing cleaning services.

  • on ; 3 months ago
5 Star Rating

Henry is a great guy and does a very good job! Great attention to detail took care to make sure my mattress was as clean as possible. Highly recommend him and will be a return customer!

  • on ; 5 months ago
5 Star Rating

The best around and you can't beat the prices!

  • on ; 2 months ago
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