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Carpet Flushing Vs. Standard Carpet Cleaning: What’s The Difference?

While there are many carpet cleaning vendors in the Woodbridge area, unfortunately not all carpet cleaning companies deliver an equal level of quality. While cheap prices tend to be appealing, they tend to be indicative of lower carpet cleaning quality. There are many aspects of proper carpet cleaning that make it superior, but the aspect we’ll be discussing in this article is technique.

Many cheap, surface level carpet cleaning companies will “swipe” carpets rather than thoroughly clean them. “Swiping” is a term we use to describe quick and inefficient carpet cleaning technique, that work for a super quick cleaning, but end in a poor result for the client. If you can’t already visualize what swiping may look like, it’s :essentially just swiping the carpet cleaning tool and rushing, rather than taking your time to do a proper job, which is what needs to be done to achieve a truly clean carpet.

As a result, your carpets may appear clean for a short period of time. However, the lack of deep “flushing” (i.e., a thorough carpet cleaning with hot water being slowly flushed through your carpets until they’re ACTUALLY clean) will lead to the carpets getting dirty quickly. Not to mention, one of the most commonly stated and important reasons to keep your carpets clean is to remove allergens and deep contaminants. Without a deep flush out of your carpets, you’ll never realize these benefits, which is a major catch for a quick, cheap cleaning!

Flushing carpets entails blasting them with hot water at a temperature of 200 degrees (and slowly moving the equipment over the carpet) to penetrate deep into the carpet and remove those allergens and contaminants. As a result of deeply flushing out the carpets and taking your time as a vendor, the carpets will stay clean longer and the client will actually realize the benefits they desired when they called to get their carpets cleaned.

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