“Henry went above and beyond with his carpet care. Our place was his last stop and we could see he was tired but he really wanted to make sure we got the carpet as clean as possible! He let us know exactly what would work for us! We are more than impressed with the outcome of the job!”
Mel G.

“Henry is great! He cleaned the carpets in the condo we were renting upon move out. He accommodated my schedule and finished way faster than I would have expected. The carpets look amazing, even our tough landlord commented on how they look!”
Katherine K.

“Henry came out to our house on his birthday, prompt and ready to go. Did an excellent and speedy job on our sofa, chair and 2 area rugs! Reasonably priced and I highly recommend his services. ”
Mac A.

Arlington Carpet Cleaning Expert - Affordable Choice for Quality Results

Cleaning that Sets Us Apart: Avoid Devalued Companies

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When you want to remove trapped dust contaminants and hard stains from your carpet, Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners is your trustworthy choice. Over the years, we are providing the best Arlington carpet cleaning services at an affordable price. We use the right treatment to eliminate the dust pollutants from both residential and commercial carpet areas.

Our customers in Arlington rely on us because of our quality cleaning process and satisfactory results. We have trained and certified carpet cleaners to fulfill all your cleaning needs within budget. They use advanced cleaning equipment and techniques to revive the appeal of your carpet areas.

Our 8 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

1. Thorough inspection: Identify damage issues or permanent stains on the carpet.
2. Vacuuming: Removal of dry soil and other dust contaminants from fabric.
3. Pre-conditioning: Solution is applied to break down high-traffic area soil.
4. Grooming: Carpet groomer is used to remove any remaining soil or dirt.
5. Extraction and Rinse: Carpet is rinsed using a powerful extraction system.
6. Neutralizing: The pH balance is maintained so that no residue is left behind.
7. Speed Drying: Carpet drying is performed using high-velocity air movers.
8. Post Inspection: A final walk once Arlington carpet cleaning is completed

We Use The Best Carpet Cleaning Methods and Machines

We achieve satisfactory carpet cleaning by implementing the best cleaning methods and using advanced machines. At Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners, we use multi-clean counter-rotating brush (CRB) machine to handle hard stains on residential and commercial carpet surfaces.

Our team of carpet cleaners implements truckmount steam cleaning method to achieve desired quality cleaning results. It leaves behind no residue after the cleaning process. On top of that, we ensure fast drying of carpet areas so you can enjoy the comfort and softness of carpet in less time.

Incredible Carpet Cleaning Result By Our Arlington Carpet Cleaners

We achieve satisfactory carpet cleaning by implementing the best cleaning methods and using advanced machines. At Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners, we use multi-clean counter-rotating brush (CRB) machine to handle hard stains on residential and commercial carpet surfaces.

● Industry-leading Carpet Cleaning Equipment
We use a counter-rotating brush machine (CRB) and truckmount steam cleaning to achieve the quality carpet cleaning result.
● Effective Removal of Dust Pollutants From Carpet
While performing the Arlington carpet cleaning process, we ensure to exclude all the dirt, soil, allergens, and other dust contaminants from all carpet areas.
● Quick Drying time after Carpet Cleaning
Our powerful carpet cleaning equipment removes extra water from the carpet. As a result, it will leave the carpet fiber with little moisture and dried quickly within 24 hours.

Questions To Ask For Better Cleaning Experience

1. Do I need to vacuum before professional carpet cleaning?

Yes, vacuuming is essential before executing a carpet cleaning service. But with us you need not perform vacuuming as our Arlington Carpet Cleaning VA package covers all from pre-inspection, vacuuming to sanitizing and drying.

2. How long does Arlington carpet cleaning take?

On average, it takes approximately 20-25 minutes per room. The time can vary depending on the size of the room and how dirty your carpet is. More details!

3. How often should carpets be professionally cleaned?

It is the general rule, vacuuming should be done twice a week, and professional carpet cleaning is once a year. Depending on the traffic on your carpet, contact our Arlington carpet cleaners.

4. How much does professional carpet cleaning cost?

At Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners, the cost of carpet cleaning starts from $60 for carpets on stairs and landing. For one room area + free hallway, the price is $125.00. We also provide flexible scheduling of carpet cleaning services in Arlington VA.

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Upholstery Cleaning

If you organize frequent parties or have pets and kids at home, your upholstered furniture will show it all. Food, dirt, pets, hair, and anything that comes in contact with your furniture can make your furniture looking soiled and worn out. With the help of the best upholstery cleaning in Arlington, VA, you can have the furniture that is clean and tidy all the time.

Not like carpet, textiles used in upholstery are often a blend of natural fibers such as cotton, rayon, silk, wool, jute and some synthetics that requires knowledgeable and specialized care to clean properly.

You can totally rely on our upholstery cleaning Arlington services, as our every technician is certified by the IICRC standards. The certification itself answers all the questions you have in your mind. Our scientifically designed tools, carefully developed step-by-step process, proven techniques, and our technicians can give your upholstery a deep clean and the specialized care it deserves.

Rug Cleaning & Repair

Regular vacuuming alone won’t keep your rugs free from allergens, dirt, and dust. Hence, to keep your area rugs clean and allergens-free we recommend a professional rug cleaning in Arlington, VA from the best rug cleaners. When it comes to the best, no one better than us. Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners have been providing upholstery cleaning in Arlington since 2009.

At Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners, we use the hot water extraction method to deeply clean the rugs. This is one of the best and well-known methods to eliminate the deeply settled dust, dirt, and allergens. In fact, it is the most recommended method by experts for carpet and rug cleaning.

Apart from rug cleaning services, we also deal with rug repair. Whether your rugs have patches, fringe or run edge serging in the rug, not to worry. Our professionals have all the essential tools and equipment to restore your rugs into its original condition.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floor is popular because the elegance and charm they add to your home. However, over time, hardwood floor accumulates scuffs and spots, becoming dirty. If you are a resident of Arlington and you’ve been asking yourself who provides the best hardwood floor cleaning in Arlington, VA, then look no further than neighborhood Carpet Cleaners.

Regular sweeping and mopping can keep your hardwood floor looking clean on the surface. But home cleaning methods cannot match the level of cleaning the professional cleaners provides. Instead of merely moving dirt and dust around with a mop or broom, it is good to eliminate debris entirely. Hiring our professional hardwood floor cleaning will leave your floors looking vibrant and restored.

Technicians at Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners use the latest and specifically designed tools and products for wood. We utilize a five-step cleaning process that incorporates cleaning equipment that not found in retail stores. Our 5 steps of hardwood floor cleaning process comprise:

1. Pre-inspection of the wooden floor to identify concern areas.
2. Floor Vacuuming to remove the loose dust and lint particles.
3. Our professionals use specially designed tools and solutions to loosen the dirt and mopping residue from within your floor.
4. Our technician's hands clean the hardwood floors using a fiber cloth to reach edges and corners.
5. Eventually, a final inspection is done to ensure the floors have been cleaned thoroughly.

To know more about our services get in touch with us on 703-570-6319.