Carpet Cleaning

At Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners, we use safe-bio-degradable cleaning agents that are designed for your particular carpet & rug fibers. They are completely safe for children and animals. When we set out to clean your carpets, we will not leave any cleaning residue behind. We use special rinsing strokes to make sure all the grime is picked up. We also ensure a fast drying time for your convenience. When you rely on us for professional cleaning, you can trust that you are receiving the best help in town! We never cut corners, only clean them. We make sure we take all the necessary time to clean every square inch thoroughly. We will even move your furniture and place plastic tabs and blocks underneath so they can dry properly. If you are in need of cleaning technicians you can trust, we are your number one choice!

Cutting-Edge Truck Mount Carpet Cleaners

Our technicians make sure the heavy traffic lanes are deep scrubbed, using our carpet cleaning truckmount.
Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners brings you nothing but the best cleaning in your city. Our customers are so pleased, the even mention the carpets looked “night and day”! Customers trust us with their carpet cleaning needs, and you should too!.

Our Carpet Cleaning Procedures:

• Pre-Treat & Pre-Vacuum
• Remove Allergens
• Extract Soil & Rinse
• Deodorize & Sanitize


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Carpet Cleaning



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