Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Uholstery cleaning in  is one our main services in the area and the most experienced cleaners, specialized in fine fabric cleaning. Using the wrong cleaning solutions or methods can further damage your furniture or even ruin it. Restoring upholstered furniture back to beauty is the end result of careful and deep down cleaning. We do not use harsh solutions that will hurt the environment or people; we use cleaning methods that are certified safe. Our main cleaning solution for your furniture is Probiotics.

Benefits of Probiotics:

  • Removes allergens in sofa and love seats
  • Disinfects fabrics you lay on
  • Removes dander, dust mites 
  • Continues to disinfect for 6 days

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There are so many types of upholstered furniture:

  • Silk fabric upholstered
  • Microfiber upholstered
  • Microsuede upholstered
  • Cotton upholstered
  • Natural fibers upholstered

Each type has its own set of cleaning rules, which can be very confusing. No need to worry, you can depend on our recommendations to get the job done properly. Specialized cleaning methods, mainly, probiotics cleaning are needed according to manufacturer’s instructions and what the problem is. We offer all methods for cleaning. Our green upholstery/sofa cleaning  uses nine steps to clean your furniture.

Our exclusive Premium cleaning process:

  • Inspections- Making sure we use the right products for your fine fabrics
  • Setting up- Protecting your home with drop cloths
  • Vacuuming- to remove soil, dust, pet hair etc.
  • Spot treating areas of concern
  • Precondition with Probiotic
  • Agitate with horse hair brush
  • Dwell time to allow solutions to work
  • Steam clean or dry cleaning your upholstered furniture
  • Final inspection
It will be a pleasure to see your furniture clean and beautiful once again, guaranteed.

Upholstery Cleaning

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